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Alexasissy5 Profiel

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I like eating strawberries, listening to rap music, walking in the park, visiting exhibitions, playing computer games, cleaning the house, walking the dog, riding an electric scooter, camping with friends, I like beach vacations, dancing, eating jelly bears, chewing grub

Ik hou niet van:

I don't like it when people don't listen to me, interrupt me, yell at me, try to hurt my feelings, create conflict situations or try to deceive me, dictate the rules of their game, impose their opinions, try to impose obligations on me , offers gay


Hello everyone! I'm a coward. My name is Alex. I want to be a real girl. I belong to myself. I have a mistress who trains me well. I love serving my mistress. She is a goddess. My Mistress lets real cocks fuck me and she also allows me to fuck anyone and use my sissy clit, but rarely. Most of the time, my cock was locked in the chastity cage. When I started, I didn't like chastity cages, but as time went on, I understood that my Mistress knew better what was better for me. I am so lucky to be able to use what my dear mistress has to offer. She treats me very well. She loved stretching my sissy pussy. She loved fucking me with dildos, fist fucking me and treating me like a slut. Your wishes always make me happy. My mistresses let me fuck their other slaves. We all like that. I've been researching face curses. I can apply makeup very well. I love buying new clothes, socks and underwear. Paint my nails. I love attending beauty salon events. Hair removal, beauty and more. I'm so happy, bitch. As a child, I stole my sisters’ clothes and high heels. I thought I should try on women's clothing that matched the mirror. I want to share my inner girl with the world. I want to be naughtier, sexier, wilder, kinkier, crazier! I wanted to unleash my hidden feminine side. But I live in a country where I'm supposed to be invisible because people don't tolerate me and some people who like me. Only here can I be free and dress up like a sissy, wear a wig, some makeup, tights or panties, a thong, a chastity cage, high heels and makeup. My dream is to do many things. I want to go to Thailand and meet sissies, crossdressers, trans people and some open minded people who understand my soul and heart, where I will find someone who truly loves me, where I will no longer be hidden , where I'll have some love without anyone hitting me in the side or spitting on me. I want sex, I want peace. I want to live the life of my dreams. I want breast augmentation, hormone treatment, etc.


  • Leeftijd:: 29
  • Geaardheid:: bisexual
  • Woonplaats::
  • Cupmaat:: A
  • Figuur:: M
  • Land::
  • Herkomst:: arab
  • Haarkleur:: black
  • Sterrenbeeld:: aries
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